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Full text of "Deed, Elijah Morton to William Morton, 1789"

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To all People to whom thefe Prefents fhall come : Greeting 

TT'NQW YE, That S' ipCry.^/^-' ^M&T^Oyi- (^^■■C'T'a^J/^-^^^ '^?il^/f.-c- 


For and in confideradon of the Sum of :%/^V/.>«>/' ^-'.^^^ /^ JZc-/Z*-,y, ^ M ^A 
current Money of the Commgjiweaith aforefaid, to ry-rt.*^ ^ j, j" Hand^pjiid before 

the enfealing hereof, by Wltl/i-^/it.rri^- ^-- If. i^y- /(>,-, ^fy'^:i/jX'<r?'LJt^''V^C^/t!/Z) 

the receipt wliereof */ do hereby acknov/Iedge and 'h^'^ "i^^-^^r^ 

fully fatisfied, contented and paid, HAVE given, granted,bargained, fold, ^aliened, releafed, con- 
veyed and confirmed, "and by thefe Prefents, do freelv, clearly and abYolutely givep^grant, bargain, 
fell, aliene, releafe, convey and confirm., unto ^zC,*-?-^ the faid /'//t^^^z'^^v^.^' 

^4i&Tt-<f''' .^/'i/ Heirs and Affigns forever, ^ 4-r'^^a^.^x Vt^.^/ ^f^- 



^/^> ,4?^ 1-^8/ M-if-y-^ 


TO HAVE AI^D TO HOLD the before granted Premifes,. with the ApDytenances and 
Privileges thereuntb belonging, to ^^^^-v/ the faid li/i.^oC-t-^c-v-r^- 

yfi{n€^r^ y--h^<^} Heirs and Affigns : To A-^ _ ^"^^ , ■-^^"''y/ .°^'."„ P'"^ 

per Ufe, Benefit and Behoof forevermore. And J^ the faid ^£^^,,/)!-/u,y/i<f^/^i^/-*^ 

^^^ 1'->'-y a^ <^f <5^-v'-"y . : Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators do Covenant, 

^' Promife Cnd Grant unto arid with the faid fi/i^C^ ,e^^^f^ ^^^tif-r'tir^*-' ' 

/^ ^. ^ / ^\ .^ Heirs and Affigns forever. That before 

■■'and until the enfealing^ hereof, ^r i^w the true, fole, pjroper an-d lawful Owner and 

Poffeffor of the before-granted Premifes, with the appurtenances. \ Andhave in " 'f'>^ f/'^-t!^^ 

good Right, full power and lawful Authority tjp give, .grant, bargain, fell, aliene, /eleafe, 
convey and confirm the famie as aforefaid^ and that fi-ee and cl^ar, a^d^^ freely -and deariy executed, 
acquited and difcharged of and from all forrner -and (Si?i:s, Grants, BR%iins, Sales, Ecafes, 
Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Jcyntures, Dowries, Thirds, Jtixecutions, and Incumbrances whatfover. 

AND FU^TEIERMORE, vT the 'f^id ^<^/*/v ^/U^^t<>-^ 

, do herebjj^ Covenant, Promife and 

ItO -/^^«- v'T'v.'' 


./'^.t-tJ X. - Heirs and Affigns forever, to V/arrant, Secure and Defend againfl 

the lawful Claims and Demands of any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever. ^ . In V,' itaei^v. htrecf, 
h- have hereunto fet yvi^- H^and and Seal , this /t,«.^t*.^-*w9r Day of 
^^ intlie Yearof our Lord, one Thoufand {^'<it\\ Hundred and Eighty >t^V'.-<— ^ 


Signed, fealed and delivered, 
in Prefence of 


7: Cf/ a-^ 0iC'i^k'r\. 





^/:^r^ t,' lZ^/£-7^-4'c->' '^ /A:<y ^J^y//!'^^-, M-T^i/^AixS^i^^^